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Sometimes those “Dear God, help” moments after reading social media or news headlines can leave us questioning the state of our society. But good things are happening in the world, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Inside schools, community organizations, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and solopreneur ventures, incredible things are taking place. Things that drive change. Sometimes, subtle and awe-inspiring. Other times, creative and out-of-the-box. We help changemakers like you identify compelling, impactful stories -- and then we turn them into short films and multimedia content to help your cause.
Short Films
Show your impact through visual storytelling
Translate your work into bite-sized visuals and copy for social media or website use
Work with our team to uncover the intriguing facets of your story
Invite our award-winning journalists to motivate and invigorate
Learn how to craft your brand’s narrative from filmmaking professionals
Online Workshops
Engage your team to think like storytellers and drive business growth


Close your eyes and imagine the sweet smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. It’s a nostalgic aroma that feels like a prodigious hug ​embracing your whole being. You can’t help but feel a sense that “all’s right” with the world.

Consider us your chocolate chip cookies.

We are invested storytellers and filmmakers. Our detail-oriented process involves immersing ourselves in the work and world of each client to ensure we craft the most authentic story.

Passion, a spirit of discovery, and joy are guiding principles for each project. Yes, we are the ones producing your film, but as we traverse this journey together, be prepared to learn new and exciting things about you and your company.

Most of all, our work is meant to boost your self-worth and optimism — check out the testimonials below from a few of our clients and partners!

"Hélène and I have worked together on a number of film projects, most recently a series that looks at the state of public education. Hélène was the on-camera host. She was engaged, intuitive, and charming, making the interview subjects in the series feel safe and heard."
David Marshall
Blue Sky Project
"Hélène Biandudi Hofer is an outstanding producer and reporter. Our team collaborated with her on three of our films, and her research, story development, interviews, and attention to pictures and place were outstanding. She is a dedicated journalist, skilled interviewer, collaborative colleague, and compassionate human being. I look forward to our next project together."
Patrice O'Neill
Not in Our Town, The Working Group
"WestEd contracted with Hélène and her team to develop short communications videos to help tell the story of one of our services. The films exceeded our expectations in every way, including the top-notch quality and how effectively and efficiently our story was told. The entire process, which was comprehensive, thoughtful, and well organized throughout, was also fun and highly engaging. In sum, we received best in class services and would highly recommend."
Kevin Perks
"Bringing curiosity, compassion, creativity, and competence to her craft, Hélène is a journalist whose short films tell real stories that urgently need to be told"
BethAnn Berliner
"I have worked with Hélène in her roles as a host and producer for several years and she consistently brought her “A” game. Her work involved taking deep dives into a variety of community and social issues. Her ability to break down complex topics meant audiences would be able to grasp the salient points of the stories she produced."
Randy Gorbman
WXXI Public Broadcasting
"My organization was new to the world of video and documentary filmmaking, but we had an idea that we wanted to bring to life. Hélène and her team were patient partners through the entire filmmaking process. They believed in our mission and helped us share an important story."
Kate Farbry
Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium